Elmwood Cafe

Residing in Elmwood, Berkeley is Elmwood Cafe, with its retro decor, cozy atmosphere, and quaint furniture. It’s an ideal location for any occasion, from solitary breakfasts to casual coffee dates to parents’ weekend brunch. What’s Unique Here? Marble tables (so Instagram-worthy). Red chairs and counter seating (so retro). House-made granola, almond butter, honey, and roasted coffee… … Continue reading Elmwood Cafe

Prep the Crepe

Crepe. Is it “krape” like grape, or “krep” like prep? Some people I know say crepe like “creep,” so…I don’t know! Despite the different ways to pronounce it, there is only one love like my love for crepes. I have never made crepes before because I had already decided a long time ago that if … Continue reading Prep the Crepe